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POSITION Berlin Art Fair

Since 2008 mianki.Gallery works with a new generation of artists. The gallery acquires its standalone profile through artistic positions focussing on the use of unusual materials. Its artists form special imageries by using and working with remarkable and unique materials.

At the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair mianki.Gallery showed works by:

Detlef HALFA

The work by HALFA (1950 – 2006) embodies eight creative phases that partially overlap, but also develop from the previous. These phases include amongst others the roller and moiré paintings, the scenogram, sceno mades and camera works. HALFA follows no style – he follows an attitude.

Tina Heuter

Tina Heuter concentrates on moods, expressions and situations, yet without getting lost in detail. These sentiments are by no means in your face, however, or even striking. Due to the rough surface, which denotes a skilful combination of facial expressions, gestures and posture, Tina Heuter succeeds in telling stories through her sculptures.

Jakob Kupfer

He is a photo painter in the best, traditional sense: in his photo paintings Jakob Kupfer creates compact works of art out of diffuse colour and light reflections. Kupfer does not merely depict things; rather, he lets the light itself live out its creative streak.

Katharina Schnitzer

Katharina Schnitzler confronts us with perception and our accepted realities. She creates worlds of images which subjectively meet people’s needs for solutions. In her work she layers countless textures, coats of paint, drawings and words. Paintings and drawings emerge – installed, poetic, deep, witty and closely interwoven, and therefore both brutal and beautiful!

Michael Schuster

Schuster exhibits works on paper, small sculptures and wall installations made from fragile dried, pressed leaves. He cuts these out and applies them to paper or positions them in the room. Photographs, mostly snapshots originating from his private family album, serve as samples and his starting point.

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair

September 14th to 17th, 2017

Arena Berlin

Eichenstraße 4

12435 Berlin

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