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Ev Pommer – Zwischen Räume

Ausstellung vom 18. November 2016 bis 21. Januar 2017

Between 18th November and 21st January 2017, the mianki. Gallery will be exhibiting new work by Ev Pommer, with a focus on her drawings, in the solo exhibition "Zwischen Räume” (In-Between Spaces). She is concerned with the visualisation of space and with rendering it palpable. The "nothing", the space between the lines is important.

The illustrator, Lucie Beppler:

“Drawings are concentrates of space and time, the future and the past, psychological, spiritual and metaphysical experience and thought".

A concentrate; that also describes the drawings of Ev Pommer, because they are not typical concept sketches or preliminary studies for a sculptural work. Her drawings complement, extend and complete her endeavours as works in their own right. This most certainly lies in her own peculiar way of working; she either builds objects or she draws, and that over respectively long periods of time - without exception. In doing this, just as with her objects, Ev Pommer uses a very much reduced palette, which leads to further concentration.

This approach gives rise to drawings, very personal, even more immediate than her objects, since they are more direct and are not correctable. And in the fine, seemingly organic line-landscapes, the accented surfaces seem to float. The actual reduction of her objects onto a surface, a two-dimensional drawing, becomes spatial yet again and opens up to us infinitely many In-Between Spaces.

We can divide her drawings into two cycles of work; the print drawings and the ink drawings.

In her print works, Ev Pommer clearly works “sculpturally’. She makes additions, repeatedly overprints, and draws in, and in this way every sheet becomes original. This fascinates her about printing, the handcraft of it, the sounding out of the possible stratifications.

In the ink drawings, we feel the high concentration of the work - sheet for sheet, the intensity of the time in which she adds line for line and takes them away again by painting over with white. It is always in space and in its representation that she is interested. Ev Pommer uses the translucent property of the fine papers with her inks by the superimposition of two papers or by the processing the front and back sides.

Most recently, she executes the prints and inks together, overlayed, layered or combined with printed coloured surfaces coordinated with subtle nuances. In this way, new resonance spaces and subtle mood curves emerge, e.g. in the lamentations that draw us under their spell. Ev Pommer, inspired by Asian ink drawings and prints, thus creates her very own visual language. Reduced, concentrated and powerful. Just as with her objects, she is interested in presence and absence, the interplay of the visible and the invisible and the contrast of the internal and external.

The In-Between Spaces.

Artist portrait Ev Pommer


Ohne Titel, 2016

Tuschzeichnung, Druck

40 x 30 cm

Ev Pommer – Zwischen Räume

Drawing & linoprint on paper, objects


from November 18th 2016 to January 21st 2017


Samstag, 21. Januar 2017, 17.00 Uhr

Die Kunsthistorikerin Andrea-Katharina Schraepler, via artis berlin, im Gespräch mit Ev Pommer und Andreas Herrmann über den Raum und das Dazwischen.



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