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Exhibition from May 19th to July 08th 2017
Exhibition from May 19th to July 08th 2017

mianki.Gallery shows from May 19th to July 8th, 2017 in the group exhibition fadenSpannung (‘thread tension’) works by Claudia Kallscheuer, Angelika Frommherz, Anna Gawronski, Andrea Hild und Nike Schroeder.

The first thing to be associated with thread tension is probably the sewing machine. With sewing machines, making a good or bad seam is a matter of having the correct thread tension. Errors in setting the thread tension lead to some of the classic problems: loose seams, loops, materials that pull together or bulge and much more. But it is precisely with these errors and by deliberately going against the perfect result, by playing a game of chance, that Claudia Kallscheuer works. She has also consistently replaced the drawn and written line with the stitched line, with all its levels of tension.

In this way, Claudia Kallscheuer encourages us to look at artists who use the thread as a line with all its levels of tension in their work. continue


from May 19th to July 8th 2017

Ausstellungsrundgang mit Künstlergespräch

Samstag, 17. Juni 2017, 17.00 Uhr

Die Kunsthistorikerin Andrea-Katharina Schraepler, via artis berlin, im Gespräch mit Claudia Kallscheuer und weiteren Künstlerinnen der Ausstellung über den Faden und seine Spannung als Linie im Werk.

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