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In his current exhibition, Andreas Herrmann correlates color and politics. In his work he identifies the color spectrum offered by the multitude of existing national flags, and he identifies dominant color combinations. He then investigates the parallels between dominance by colors and political dominance.

Political strive and power struggles have always made use of colors. What interests Andreas Herrmann most in this is how the political context determins/allows for the emotionalization through the use of color. The color white may evoke dignity or innocence. But only in a certain political or cultural context. And red implies - quite contrary to widespread belief - very seldom blood, fight, victory.

Herrmann questions in his latest works certains aspects of political communication. Central for him is the interplay between transparency and intransparency in messages and in alledged facts. He investigates the process of political dicision-making by questioning the ways we usually associate certain colors and political beliefs.



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