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gleich – anders
Constanze Vogt
Tina Heuter, Ausstellung „show me the world“
Silke Katharina Hahn
POSITION Berlin Art Fair


September 15th – 18th, 2016

mianki.Gallery works with a new generation of artists. It acquires its stand-alone profile through by focussing on the use of unusual materials. Its artists form special imageries by using and working with remarkable and unique materials. continue

Silke Katharina Hahn – Inside\out

Silke Katharina Hahn's approach: the change of material by heat. Her favourite material: hot glue and wax. The character: reduced, concentrated and reflective.

The focus is on black. Hahn's black is a complex black that harbours every imaginable shading and yet constitutes the antithesis to the exuberant and often overly demanding chromaticity of everyday life. continue

Silke Katharina Hahn

7. Benefiz-Kunstauktion zugunsten der Telefonseelsorge Berlin

Anknüpfend an den Erfolg der ersten sechs Jahre, gab es auch im Spätherbst 2016 die Kunstauktion zugunsten der Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin. continue

Der Auktionskatalog

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Ev Pommer – Zwischen Räume

Exhibition from November 18th 2016 to January 21st 2017

mianki.Gallery showed new works by Ev Pommer, with a focus on her drawings, in the solo exhibition "Zwischen Räume” (In-Between Spaces). She is concerned with the visualisation of space and with rendering it palpable. The "nothing", the space between the lines is important. continue

gleich – anders – inside\out

Exhibition from July 15th to September 3rd 2016

mianki.Gallery showed in the group exhibition gleich – anders #02 insights and views into the work of the artists. Based on unusual materials investigated the artists in this exhibition the space and will be using hot glue, concrete, sewing thread, leaves, scent molecules, light i.a. to change the perception of enclosed space. continue

HALFA – Szenogramme

Exhibition from May 20th to July 9th 2016

The work by HALFA (1950 – 2006) embodies eight creative phases that partially overlap, but also develop from the previous. These phases include amongst others the roller and moiré paintings, the scenogram, sceno mades and camera works. continue

HALFA Szenogramme

Constanze Vogt [‘dʀe׃ən]

Exhibition from March 18th to May 7th 2016

Constanze Vogt, a young artist from Kiel, makes use of various mediums in her work. Her images, installations, object and written pieces all employ a limited range of materials. continue

Constanze Vogt

Katharina Schnitzler „1000 Afrikaner“ in Berlin

Ausstellung vom 21. Januar bis 12. März 2016

Katharina Schnitzler confronts us with perception and our accepted realities. She creates worlds of images which subjectively meet people’s needs for solutions. In her work she layers countless textures, coats of paint, drawings and words. Paintings and drawings emerge – installed, poetic, deep, witty and closely interwoven, and therefore both brutal and beautiful! continue

Tina Heuter

Tina Heuter „Show me the world“

Exhibition from November 12th 2015  to January 16th 2016

The hero who doesn’t enter like a superhero. Opposite an elegant woman with a binding gaze; and what’s going on, in fact, with the girl in the jeans? Despite the juxtaposition, Heuter’s newest works give the viewer a sense of naturalness and, simultaneously, an exciting scope for interpretation. And the guy with his gorilla, they’re just there back-to-back, casually watching the goings-on. continue

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