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Tina Heuter, Ausstellung „show me the world“

Tina Heuter „Show me the world“

Exhibition from November 12th 2015  to January 16th 2016

The hero who doesn’t enter like a superhero. Opposite an elegant woman with a binding gaze; and what’s going on, in fact, with the girl in the jeans? Despite the juxtaposition, Heuter’s newest works give the viewer a sense of naturalness and, simultaneously, an exciting scope for interpretation. And the guy with his gorilla, they’re just there back-to-back, casually watching the goings-on. continue

Tina Heuter

6. Benefiz-Kunstauktion zugunsten der Telefonseelsorge Berlin

Vorbesichtigung 29. bis 31. Oktober 2015 jeweils von 11 bis 20 Uhr

Anknüpfend an den Erfolg der ersten fünf Jahre, gibt es auch im Spätherbst 2015 die Kunstauktion zugunsten der Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin. Zu dieser Veranstaltung, die uns persönlich sehr am Herzen liegt und für die wir uns persönlich sehr engagieren, laden wir Sie herzlich ein. continue

Jakob Kupfer „LICHTSPIEL“

Exhibition from September 3rd to October 24th 2015

Jakob Kupfer is a photo painter in the true and traditional sense. Light is his media and light is his subject. He is exploring how light can be expressed, or rather: how it manages to express itself effectively in art. continue

Michael Schuster „Hier kommt die Sonne“

Exhibition from July 2nd to August 29th 2015

Here comes the Sun, providing warmth and light. Making things grow and flourish. We set our time by it and for Michael Schuster, it is a source of inspiration in several respects. continue

Ev Pommer „LOOP“

Exhibition from May 7th to June 27th 2015

Ev Pommer is concerned with making space visible and perceptible. The "Nothingness", the emptiness between the lines, is significant. We can see, feel and perceive this most impressively in her latest work, LOOP. continue

Christophe Laudamiel „reconstruction“

Exhibition from March 26th 2015 to May 3rd 2015

In his second solo exhibition, “reconstruction”, scent sculptor Christophe Laudamiel shall use the memories and thoughts of the viewers, or more precisely the “smellers”, to explore the concept of imaginary image reconstruction in a most unusual way. continue

Claudia Kallscheuer „12 MONATE - work in progress“

Ausstellung vom 22. Januar bis 21. März 2015

To Claudia Kallscheuer the subject of the weather is a large “machine for exchanging thoughts”. Whether one enters into conversation with friends, neighbours or strangers, the subject of the weather is rarely avoided. Also particularly as everyone has something to say about it. Decisive hereby is the observation of the subjective view that every individual has of the weather that is as different as all of us. continue

HALFA „roller paintings : Szenogramme“ – A work becomes visible!

Exhibition from November 20th 2014 to January 17th 2015

The work by HALFA (1950 – 2006) embodies eight creative phases that partially overlap, but also develop from the previous. These phases include amongst others the roller and moiré paintings, the scenogram, sceno mades and camera works. continue



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