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The line, said Klee, is "thought", and the thought is "medium between the earth and the cosmos." The line that is visually expressive is thus the mediator between the visible and the invisible world. But the line is also "the first moveable fact", a prime mover - and is therefore creative.  

Silke Katharina Hahn, in her latest work, faces the line in dimension and colour. The colourful two-dimensional meets the three-dimensional line in black materiality. With meticulous groundwork and planning, coupled with the continuity of repetition, she submits herself to absolute chance. We experience interplay of chaos and structure, of randomness and order.

The line, the first movable fact. But what appears from seven possible colours when drawing with only one pen cannot be planned. And what is hardly foreseeable for Silke K. Hahn is the way in which the three-dimensional line, moulded by heat develops, what form it takes, which threads it engenders.

In her new series of works, her individual pieces resemble each other yet differ from each like two lines - two thoughts. They stand for permanent change and at the same time form an essence, are relics of experience and encounters. As observers, we embark on a journey into a cosmos of constant transformation.

Artist portrait Silke Katharina Hahn

first lines, 2014

Heißkleber, Buntstift auf Papier

21 x 21 cm

Silke Katharina Hahn


Kalckreuthstraße 15

10777 Berlin

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