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Farben der Welt

Andreas Herrmann „Farben der Welt“

Exhibition from October 9th to December 31st 2009

In his current exhibition, Andreas Herrmann correlates color and politics. In his work he identifies the color spectrum offered by the multitude of existing national flags, and he identifies dominant color combinations. He then investigates the parallels between dominance by colors and political dominance. continue

Andreas Herrmann „Kunst trifft Design“

Exhibition from June 19th to August 31st 2009

Andreas Herrmann's current exhibition is entitled "Art Meets Design". Here Herrmann takes the artistic work off the wall. He lets it inhabit a given space. Or he clothes someone with it. continue

Andreas Herrmann „BLAU ist die Hoffnung“

Exhibition from March 27th to June 13th 2009

Up to now, Andreas Herrmann's attention was on complexity and transparency in nature. In his current exhibition he extends this enquiry to the realm of politics and society. His new works of art gathered in "BLUE – the true color of hope" call into question the mechanisms of political power. continue

Andreas Herrmann „Querschnitt“

Ausstellung from January 2nd to March 24th 2009




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