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Exhibition from June 26th until August 23rd, 2014
Tina Heuter „Ich will eine ... einen ...“

Staging and presenting yourself is not only a phenomenon in all cultures, it is an art. This characterizes our everyday life and it is hereby irrelevant if it concerns the moment, a choice of partner, or career.

There are many situations in which it depends to have the right effect. As different as the situations are, are also the possible effects, it is an art to presentate oneself in a way that one receives the reaction, that was imagined in advance. Always accompanied

by the questions, “Who and what do I even want? And can I even get it?”

Tina Heuter und Katharina Schnitzler pursue this phenomenon in different ways in their work, which we experience in a humorous way in the exhibition “I want a … a …,”. Tina Heuter subtly observes people in everyday life and playfully holds a mirror in front of us with her sculptures of bronze, concrete and paper. In her oil-drawings, drawings and installations with paintings, Katharina Schnitzler also poses in her usual humorous manner the question of the ideal image of a woman.

In cooperation with:

Paasburg´s WeinAusLeidenschaft

for the benefit of:

kulturvoll e.V

Artist portrait Tina Heuter

Artist portrait Katharina Schnitzler

Tina Heuter / KAtharina Schnitzler

Katharina Schnitzler

hold in your breath, 2014

Öl-Zeichnung auf Leinwand

315 x 109 cm

Tina Heuter

Waiting, 2014


165 cm, Edition 9



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