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Tina Heuter „Show me the world“
Tina Heuter „Show me the world“
Exhibition from November 12th 2015  to January 16th 2016

The hero who doesn’t enter like a superhero. Opposite an elegant woman with a binding gaze; and what’s going on, in fact, with the girl in the jeans? Despite the juxtaposition, Heuter’s newest works give the viewer a sense of naturalness and, simultaneously, an exciting scope for interpretation. And the guy with his gorilla, they’re just there back-to-back, casually watching the goings-on.

In her new exhibition ‘Show Me the World’, we experience once again how Heuter observes things with subtlety, not just her surroundings but, equally importantly, people’s moods, and society’s behaviour in current affairs. These observations flow into her works, and once more she manages in the process to lend something special to the quotidian; to give an appearance of naturalness, almost of the everyday, to situations which seem at first sight very particular. Her statues also invite us to critical scrutiny, as for instance with the newest work ‘True Colour’. She shows us that beneath our thinnest, outermost layer of skin, people are all the same after all. Why then do we continue to differentiate ourselves over and again?

Through her sculpture in bronze, concrete and paper, Heuter playfully holds a mirror up to us. And then... just dream, or contemplate, lost in thoughts -- or pace around with pride.

Artist portrait Tina Heuter

show me the world

Show me the world, 2014


80 cm, Edition 9



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