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Claudia Kallscheuer „12 MONATE - work in progress“
Claudia Kallscheuer „12 MONATE – work in progress“
Exhibition from January 22nd 2015 to March 21st 2015

"Whenever people talk to me about the weather, I always feels quite certain that they mean something else.” Oscar Wilde

Claudia Kallscheuer goes a step further with her thoughts. To her the subject of the weather is a large “machine for exchanging thoughts”. Whether one enters into conversation with friends, neighbours or strangers, the subject of the weather is rarely avoided. Also particularly as everyone has something to say about it. Decisive hereby is the observation of the subjective view that every individual has of the weather that is as different as all of us.

These observations are an important part of her work “12 MONTHS- work in progress”. For over 12 months she has been writing daily, as in a diary, the weather report on used silk organza teabags. This daily writing rhythm, the writing of weather reports on the sewing machine, leans more and more away from the weather. And it is increasingly revealed that it concerns something different. Our moods, feelings and disposition. Or maybe to simply enter into conversation if only for a brief moment.

And the teabags? It is as always things from Claudia Kallscheuer’s life. They are used, show evidence of life, the evidence of the tea and normally find no further regard, are disposed of. They are drawn back into the focus as also following use we often greatly benefit from many things, also from the tea bags. And the attractive, fine and colourful material of the silk organza, it fascinates and finds momentary acknowledgement.

Maybe we shall also find answers, then Zen masters advise their pupils tot he really important questions about life; “go and drink some tea!”… hereby the ANSWER does not lie in tannin and definitely not in caffeine, but in the peace, gaining distance, in letting go.

We advise the same for art. Take your time, experience peace, let go and open yourself. Maybe then we shall find an answer to the questions of life in art?!  

With kind support from:

Mighty Leaf Tea Deutschland

Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin KPM

Artist portrait Claudia Kallscheuer


12 MONATE – work in progress

01.12.2013 – 30.11.2014

Installation aus 365 Teebeuteln aus Seidenorganza, Binder, Nähgarne

ca. 160 x 340 cm



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10777 Berlin

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