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Christophe Laudamiel „reconstruction“
Christophe Laudamiel „reconstruction“
Exhibition from March 26th 2015 to May 3rd 2015

In his second solo exhibition, “reconstruction”, scent sculptor Christophe Laudamiel shall use the memories and thoughts of the viewers, or more precisely the “smellers”, to explore the concept of imaginary image reconstruction in a most unusual way.

Christophe will play with different memories: memories of spaces, moments in time or people. Not only will the past or the present play a role but also one’s own (wishful) thinking of the future. The olfactory artworks will be experienced both in an open room, as well as in highly intimate moments. The “smellers” will re-form the scent sculptures in a conscious way and recall a variety of personal memories that play back into the general cultural memory.

“There are scientific explanations for the effects we notice in our brains”, states scent sculptor Laudamiel. “There are, for example, rapid and highly precise connections between our noses and our minds. I wish to bring into people’s consciousness that memories are no set-in-stone experiences. Your current memory replaces the traces in the brain of your previous recalls of the same event. This effectively means that after the tenth memory, your recollection has already changed itself ten times, a little each time. The brain constructs ten versions/deviations from one single true event, a “reconstruction”. And the most surprising thing is that we think that the latest version of our memory is just as fresh and precise as the first.”

With kind support from:

Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin KPM

Artist portrait Christophe Laudamiel

Christophe Laudamiel


scent parabol, Duftöle, Kaolin, KPM Porzellan, Zertifikat

Installation 5-teilig, je 5 x Ø 27 x 10 cm

Edition 5 + 2 AP



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