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Ev Pommer „LOOP“
Ev Pommer „LOOP“
Exhibition from May 7th to June 27th 2015

Ev Pommer is concerned with making space visible and perceptible. The "Nothingness", the emptiness between the lines, is significant. We can see, feel and perceive this most impressively in her latest work, LOOP.

Ev Pommer works as both sculptor and graphic artist. She has mastered both the traditional bust and freer forms of sculpture, employing a variety of materials such as plaster, wood, paper and textiles. In her sophisticated, uplifting objects, harmony and balance constantly compete with eruptions, disruption and displacement. Vulnerable and delicate, they stand or hover in the space or hang on the wall.

Pommer's playfulness with lines in the area of graphic art, which she challenges with illustrations, mixed media and linocut, is equally delicate. In that respect, she always depicts what she is "working on" at the time – usually created in series – only now on the surface, in the two-dimensional realm. Technically reduced and concentrated, the source of this work’s tension is the seemingly anarchic course of lines on a practically monochrome background. Text:Matthias Reichelt

Die Realisierung der Arbeit „LOOP“ wurde Ev Pommer ermöglicht durch eine Projektförderung vom Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Abt. Bildung, Kultur und Sport – Dezentrale Kulturarbeit.

Artist portrait Ev Pommer


LOOP, 2014


298 x 247 x 47 cm, 6 + 1 AP



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10777 Berlin

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