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Michael Schuster „Hier kommt die Sonne“
Michael Schuster „Hier kommt die Sonne“
Exhibition from July 2nd to August 29th 2015

Here comes the Sun, providing warmth and light. Making things grow and flourish. We set our time by it and for Michael Schuster, it is a source of inspiration in several respects.

The touching moments and brief intervals that we perceive in his work are there one minute and gone the next. Like time itself, which needs a ray of sunlight to penetrate the clouds.

Here comes the Sun is also an expression of movement, the advance of time. That entails a lot of volatility, which Schuster addresses in his work, as well as strength: the power of the Sun. So strong, so impressive, so decisive, so immense and unavoidable and yet it can disappear from one moment to the next.  

Here comes the Sun is a metaphor for something beautiful, something wonderful, like a kiss or a smile, and the best bit of all is that it's right in front of us.

And of course, the sun, the source of all life. It makes plants and living things flourish, including trees and leaves, where photosynthesis takes place. His work is made from light and from the Sun, from leaves. The template for Schuster's work is light itself, in the form of photographs. He is concerned with the juncture at which Nature and Art compete. What connects these two aspects is the Sun, a creative, light-giving element. Here comes the Sun!

Artist portrait Michael Schuster

Michael Schuster

Lichtbild I, 2015

Laub auf Papier

86 x 122 cm



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