mianki.Gallery Berlin

All possible art forms in one and the same exhibition. All the senses respond, the visitors open themselves up for new dimensions, for what is, truth be told, actually overwhelming.

Dominik Wein combines the mediums of film, photography and digital processing with traditional painting. He highlights the contradictions between computerized compositions and classical techniques. He coins from this a brand new genre.

The exhibition titled "History"  combines a variety of formats all about the wine family tree. Each branch has its own way, acts as a virtuoso, so to speak: Maximilian, writer, Allessandro, painter, Vini, boxer, Kim, street artist. Family members that could not be any more different. They all produce things that you can see, smell, touch, taste, hear. Music, paintings from the 19th Century, wines from Baden, fashion from London. Fact and fiction. We can share in this, enjoy, experience ... indeed, we are surrounded by it.

Dominik Wein stacks stories and techniques above one another in various vertical levels. As an installation. Passionate. The exhibition visitors adopt his view of the world. Grasp a piece of family history, hold a shroud of reality in the palms of their hands.



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