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The „different lines“ exhibition approaches space in a particular way. Five artists will take hold of space, visible or invisible. They will envelop it with unusual materials and let subtle reflections permeate. They will bypass the fragile surface structure of everyday perceptions and open the space beyond. Sound space will emerge. The base element will unite the various positions; the line.

Silke Katharina Hahn

Silke K. Hahn prefers to work with materials which change under the influence of heat such as hot glue and wax. This enables her to enter space with the drawn line and be present in the third dimension. Eclectic, reduced, reflective and focused on the essential.

Claudia Kallscheuer

Stitching and sewing are Claudia Kallscheuer’s core artistic means of expression. This enables her to highlight the value of trivialities; values which we now mostly tend to ignore. Simple and trivial, she enraptures by writing on the sewing machine. Process-like, repeated, connected with the calculated chaos of the hanging threads.

Lisa Mayerhofer

The works of Lisa Mayerhofer begin and end with one material. Mostly everyday materials which demonstrate their peculiarities when handled playfully. Repetitive processes or almost obsessive methods join the material during the work. Greater value is therefore imparted upon the origination process than on the result – and thus a perhaps often overlooked feature of the source material is revealed.

Ev Pommer

Presence and absence, the interaction of the visible and the invisible and the contradiction between inside and outside play an important role in her work. Ev Pommer starts with the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the human body; these are vectors which outline the presence of a body in space. This makes the phantom body act as empty space. The material objectifies this and its scope.

Rebekka Uhlig / PerformanceChor für Experimentellen Gesang

Lines and Dots

Graphic video composition for voices set in time and space

The ‘Lines and Dots’ performance unites drawing, sound and movement. Graphic structures are interpreted vocally, voices draw lines in space. The interpretation changes at every glance. Only structures are composed: linearly and selectively. Musical interpretation is freely improvised. With this work, Rebekka Uhlig with the PerformanceChor für Experimentellen Gesang Berlin is pursuing the realisation of audiovisual events.

Performance/Premiere, April 6th 2013, 5 p.m.

As part of the artist interview on the ‘different lines’ exhibition



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