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Ann Matola „Identitäten“
Anna Matola „Identitäten“
Exhibition from April 24th until June 21st, 2014

Anna Matola is interested in people, their diversity, their faces and their characters that are found in different places in everyday life: in the subway, at the movies, on a park bench, in the queue in front of a museum, at the weekly market.

To illustrate the human characters and behavior, which she observed in these situations, she mainly uses elements from the animal world. The animal, as a impressive visual transformer. Immediately it brings the expression of the hidden human aspects, of its character in a simple and understandable way. Especially in the presentation of her hybrid figures, half human, half animal, we impressively experience the associated identities.

MARS TARA – Photographies

The twisted enviroments that MARS TARA creates, are populated by Anna Matola's sculptures. Insecure and confusing they seem to explore TARAS disconcerting worlds.

Künstlerportrait Anna Matola

L'asino (der Esel), 2012

Terracotta, engobiert

42 x 32 x 40 cm



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