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WIEDERHOLUNG – Gruppenausstellung
Ausstellung vom 14. Juli bis 02. September 2017

Constanze Vogt

span, 2016/2017 (Ausschnitt)

Bleistiftspäne, Nadeln

240 x 490 cm

WIEDERHOLUNG ("Repetition")

Group exhibition

Objects, installations, drawings, paintings

Silke Katharina Hahn

Detlef HALFA

Constanze Vogt

Daniela Bergschneider

Hillu Liebelt

Martin Bruno Schmid


from July 14th to September 2nd, 2017

Taking a look at history, and at the present of art, we see that, across both media and genre, artists constantly seek to revive the principle of repetition. In the course of the 20th century, repetition found itself promoted to being a central artistic strategy.

To start with, however, it is sufficient to simply take a look at our day-to-day environment and we see that repetitions are to be found in almost all areas of daily life. In festivals and in religion; at home, at work and play; in experiments and in reproductions. A broad spectrum of repetition is formed from repetition as a learning method, repetition in music, of television and radio broadcasts, as a rhetorical stylistic device and in rituals in various contexts.

On closer examination, we can conclude that the process of repetition can offer a basis for community, trust and security. In this seemingly familiar environment, we also find space to take a fresh look; to check for and perceive even the smallest of changes. Or we can just drift in the already known.

For the six artists in the exhibition, WIEDERHOLUNG ("Repetition"), repetition forms an elementary part of the working process. Materials are transformed by intensive and repetitive working processes. Materials are scrutinised and transferred into a new context. With meticulous preparation, chance is worked with within the repetition. Viewing habits are questioned and opened up. Sequences and rhythms form a unique aesthetic and operational processes are illustrated.

An important factor is also the time. In the increasingly fast everyday life and with the overloading with information, we are confronted here by a new quality of concentration. In the repetition, it is as if time is immeasurable and the recurring work processes and the reduction in the choice of materials gives us room to enjoy a clear and concentrated view.

The exhibition, WIEDERHOLUNG, is a poetic encounter of works of art in various materials, following similar principles in the methodology of their processing, but ultimately culminating in very different visualisations.

Artist portrait Silke Katharina Hahn

Artist portrait Detlef HALFA

Artist portrait Constanze Vogt

Artist portrait Daniela Bergschneider

Artist portrait Hillu Liebelt

Artist portrait Martin Bruno Schmid



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