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Kohärenz Ulrich Haug & Thomas Röthel
Exhibition from May 17th until July 6th, 2024


Ulrich Haug & Thomas Röthel

Ulrich Haug's works are both image and object. They are two-dimensional and rectangular - reminiscent of the contours of paintings. At the same time, they develop an object-like and sculptural presence. His materials: Wood and charcoal, bitumen, concrete and all kinds of found objects. His material, his proverbial color: wax, kerosene and beeswax. He conceals his found objects in wax, removes them from their original context and transforms them into a new state through his conscious intervention and alterations. The works appear mysterious, the embedded materials want to be rediscovered and read anew and challenge the viewer.

The sculptor Thomas Röthel has been working intensively with steel since 1995 and processes it at enormous heat. In the artistic process, filigree and fragile-looking sculptures are often created from geometric archetypes through folds, cuts, bends and twists. Powerful and dynamic, they radiate a lightness that almost makes you forget the heaviness of the material.

The joint works of Ulrich Haug and Thomas Röthel are characterized by a fascinating combination of contrasting materials, forms and techniques. Their collaboration and the fusion of their different approaches and styles create special vibrations. They transform their work into a unique coherence and create works of art that captivate us.


Thursday, May 16th, 2024, 7 – 11 pm


May 17th until July 6th, 2024



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