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Tina Heuter
Tina Heuter

Just let yourself go, dare to dream, or engage in some reflection, deep in thought, or how about proudly strolling along? Why should a businesswoman go for a walk with a calf or a casual looking guy with a bunny? Despite such contradictions, the works by Tina Heuter are implicit yet at the same time offer the observer an exciting scope of interpretation.

The artist concentrates on moods, expressions and situations, yet without getting lost in detail. These sentiments are by no means in your face, however, or even striking. Due to the rough surface, which denotes a skilful combination of facial expressions, gestures and posture, Tina Heuter succeeds in telling stories through her sculptures.

These moods are something that Tina Heuter plays on skilfully in the second step of creation, by using what are “more contemporary” materials such as concrete, steel or paper. We can track what happens with one and the same sculpture, as changing patterns of perception and effect begin to manifest. This is the secret behind Heuter‘s success in lending her works an unusual contemporary touch. Even the classic bronze sculpture, when coming from her hands, seems contemporary and modern once more.

This game, based on an interplay of materials, is something she consistently continues to play, juxtaposes her work and then she hangs the whole thing up on the wall. This creates a unique, new type of sculpture. Tina Heuter has come to show us that the issue of sculptural figures is an infinite one. In doing so, she draws us into an exciting interaction with her works, the materials, the room, with us, with... and this makes us curious about all the things she will incorporate into her classical sculpture in the future.

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Tina Heuter

weariness, 2019

Papier, Auflage 9, 52 cm

weariness II, 2019

Papier, Auflage 9, 120 cm

wearines, 2019

Papier, Auflage 9, 52 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

Denker, 2017

Bronze, Auflage 9, 165 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

Mädchen mit Pulli, 2019

Beton, Auflage 9, 55 cm

© Urs Kuckertz

Why, 2018

Beton, Neonschrift, Auflage 9, 2-teilig, 80 cm (120 cm)

© Nikolaus Fürcho

Nächste Stationen, 2019

Bronze, Auflage 15, 6-teilig, 25 x 40 cm

© Urs Kuckertz



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