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Jakob Kupfer
Jakob Kupfer

He is a photo painter in the best, traditional sense: in his photo paintings Jakob Kupfer creates compact works of art out of diffuse colour and light reflections. Kupfer does not merely depict things; rather, he lets the light itself live out its creative streak.

These photo paintings, as snapshots of the ever-changing light flux, render visible fantasy worlds painted from light. Kupfer sees these works – although created in a photographic manner – as paintings; unique works of pigment and wax on paper.

With the FADES, Jakob Kupfer – an individual as vague as his own artwork – goes one step further into questioning our vision. The digital originals transcend the frozen moments of the photo paintings into another, parallel time. Kupfer’s FADES are constantly transforming yet so subtly, that they remove any safe ground of vision: The one clear and constant work, being the classic motion picture. The FADES trickle through our view like sand between our fingers. They are as surprising as they are amazing. These are images, whose transformation you are determined to uncover. Yet they celebrate this change with such pleasure that it is impossible to capture it. Kupfer considers his FADES, although created digitally, as being individual paintings; as being digital originals.

Kupfer’s images demand an active kind of vision on our part, which we thought we had long since forgotten, and looking at anything in the manner that Kupfer demands of us imperiously calls for a privilege that we otherwise only rarely afford ourselves. To look so says little about what is depicted, but much of the beholder. You are almost tempted to talk of therapeutic viewing, comparing the photographs with Rorschach tables – if someone aside from the viewer were to care to interpret the results, he could test performance in whatsoever manner. Yet nothing like this is actually the case. The landscapes of light offer themselves as unique vehicles of joy, fantasy and sensuality. They demand nothing, but open the gateway to the very echo of existential experience: security, love, sadness, longing, desires, and yes, even fears all come alive in these photographs – like everywhere else, whenever we dare to venture into new territory.

„Whatever we are unable to detect is something that we are allowed to conceive anew. Wherever we no longer have to understand is the point where freedom of imagination starts.“ (Jakob Kupfer)



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