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Jakob Kupfer
Jakob Kupfer

Abstractness and permanent change are essential characteristics of light and they shape Jakob Kupfer’s work. His works act like a resonance space in which we can experience what happens to our perception as soon as we focus on the pure flow of light without explanatory contours. They invite you to pause, actively perceive and observe yourself perceiving. What is perceived, however, has less to do with the information presented, but is strongly influenced by the one’s own inner pictures, memories, desires and fears.

»What we are unable to recognise, we are allowed to conceive from new. Wherever we no longer have to understand is the point where freedom of imagination starts.« Jakob Kupfer

Viewed as a quantum object, light unifies the properties of a wave and a particle, without being one or the other. In the same way, art made from light can be simultaneously space and time based. Any attempt to classify the works by Jakob Kupfer appears to be similarly undefinable.

As a "light creator", he largely suppresses the boundaries between painting, photography, film/video and installation and transforms apparent ambivalence into duality. He avoids the term ‘light painter’ but considers his work to be paintings because they are unique. For his time-based work, Jakob Kupfer uses film techniques; he frames the pictures, which have thus been set in motion, as singular paintings. The LICHTSPIELE (‚play of light’) installatively leave the picture’s frame on the wall and interact both with the surfaces and with the changing light situations in the room. Produced by cinematic means, the result is not however a film, but rather light which continuously paints in the space. Jakob Kupfer’s kinetic light objects have the appearance of framed pictures, but they involve the viewers and their movement in the room.



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