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Jakob Kupfer
Jakob Kupfer

Jakob Kupfer is a photographer, a “light artist”, in the most traditional of senses. His medium and themes are light and the question of how light can become artistically effective.

The LICHTBILDER (light pictures) draw our attention to the space between us and things. The diffuse reflections of colour and light he detects there with his camera become original light paintings; individual pieces made of pigment, wax and paper.

He composes individual light pictures for the complex scores of the FADES. Just like the natural light, a FADE also changes permanently and so subtly that although the result is noticeable, the course of this change never is.

Cyanotypes, directly painted with sunlight and time, show us the ECHO of the light and the elapsed moments in Berlin Blue on paper.

The LIGHT DRAWINGS, which Jakob Kupfer had the sunlight write over twelve long months, resemble diary entries. Every page an individual signature, as unique as the day of its emergence.

The LIGHT SCULPTURES lend expression to the duality of the medium of light: an incorporeal object existing of light and colour, a floating shape that seems to configure itself differently from every angle, being present and yet simultaneously fleeting.

Vita (PDF)

FADE 066, 3. Berliner Kunstsommer im Humboldt Carré Berlin, 2019

Lichtobjekt, LED-Videowand, Mini-PC, 500 x 500 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

FADE 068, 2020

LCD-Bildschirm, Mini-PC, Rahmen, 51 x 51 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

Lichtbild #519, 2021

Pigment, Wachs auf Papier, Aludibond, 102 x 100 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

Lichtskulptur 002, 2020

Acrylglas, PET-Folie, , Licht, Sockel, 177 x Ø 23 cm

© Nikolaus Fürcho

a. d. Serie ECHOS, 2018

Lichtmalerei in Berliner Blau auf Papier, je 20 x 20 cm (40 x 40 cm)

© Nikolaus Fürcho



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