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Claudia Kallscheuer
Claudia Kallscheuer

Claudia Kallscheuer has an unusual way of expressing art – writing and drawing using the sewing machine, embroidery and sewing and sometimes just leaving threads hanging. Highlighting little things as valuable, things we mostly no longer appreciate. Claudia Kallscheuer transports the seemingly inconsequential, processual, repetitive, linked with calculated chaotic thread. The works obtain strong relevance through the implementation of embroidery. It is only through the written thread messages that special substantive weight is given to the yarn.  

Threads do not always have to be sewn; just letting them hang, extends the lines. These very lines alter again and again her created works. And order, which is needed from time to time, is just as much a part of it ...

What is also exceptional is that she is less concerned with the top of the embroidered material than the underneath side. In doing so, she turns it inside out. She plays with interior and exterior, reverses left and right, creates disorder within order. Faults are incorporated, the thread tension varies, overlapping and entanglements in the sewing process are tolerated. Knots are made, where no knots fit.

Claudia Kallscheuer opens and sensitises the observer to the enigmatic nature of everyday life. The motifs and themes of our lives lead her to subtle and complex means of artistic reflection.

Kallscheuer also constructs boxes with found, uplifted, donated, used or forgotten objects. Each box is a desired dream, a plight, a longing, a search.

Vita (PDF)

Claudia Kallscheuer

Für Maria, 2018

Sessel, Stickerei, Faden, 85 x 75 x 80 cm

© Peter Hinschläger


bitte melde Dich 1, 2015, Baumwolle, Stickerei, Nähfaden, 91,5 x 76 cm

© Bernd Borchardt

Bromelie für U., 2015/2017/2018

Stickerei, Tafellack, Faden, Seidentaschentuch auf Nessel, 100 x 135 cm

© Peter Hinschläger

PAARE_Das sollten Sie sich nicht entgehen lassen, 2020

Schreibmaschine, Stickerei, Faden auf Manschetten, ca. 28 x 21 cm, 2-teilig

Paare_o. T., 2020

Fineliner, Acryl auf Manschetten, ca. 28 x 21 cm, 2-teilig

© Raffaele Horstmann


Wetterbericht_ Dienstag, Ich weiß nicht was ich…, 2019

Nessel, Stickerei, Nähgarn, 120 x 80 cm

© Peter Hinschläger



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