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Katharina Schnitzler
Katharina Schnitzler

Katharina Schnitzler confronts us with perception and our accepted realities. She creates worlds of images which subjectively meet people’s needs for solutions. In her work she layers countless textures, coats of paint, drawings and words, uses fabrics and printed photos. Paintings and drawings emerge – installed, poetic, deep, witty and closely interwoven, and therefore both brutal and beautiful!

Katharina Schnitzler is a master of mixed media: there is often a background of countless layers. Since the brushstroke is visible and has been drawn in different directions, structures and patterns emerge as a result. Schnitzler in doing so emphasises the materiality of the work, because the structures are reminiscent of cut-outs of panels or embossed ornamental wallpaper. So she often succeeds in creating a sensation of space.

Delicate drawings that extend all the way into the abstract are in the foreground at times, or there are geometric shapes, which were created using a lot of paint. Yet, we also encounter graceful plants or ornamental decorations, which supplement the composition and are reminiscent of Chinese paintings.

The presentation of the “In between” is her artistic claim. Although the background and the foreground could each stand on its own, they communicate and blend in together.

“I want my paintings to be complex, so that when looking at them, the viewer does not drain them, until there is nothing left to discover. Rather, I want his subjective perception of the painting to keep changing, over and over. The rich diversity of all being includes moments where everything seems possible” says Katharina Schnitzler about her artistic objectives.

Katharina Schnitzler's works exude a subtle timelessness and deal with human existential themes such as love and happiness, beauty and joy, grief and wars.

Vita (PDF)

Katharina Schnitzler


Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, Ø 170 cm

© Eric Tschernow

escape vehicle #1914, 2019

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand , 180 x 160 cm

© Eric Tschernow

escape vehicle #1913, 2019

Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, 180 x 160 cm

© Eric Tschernow

Himmel auf Erden – Hommage an den Tod und Peter Lindbergh, 2021

Zeichnung auf Magazinseite, 38 x 26 cm

© Katharina Schnitzler

Get lost, 2019

Bleistiftzeichnung auf überstrichender Magazinseite, 101 x 82 cm (Rahmen 110 x 90 cm)

© Eric Tschernow



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