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Nike Schroeder’s artistic work moves between sculpture and installation but, at the same time, it may be perceived as a fundamentally new type of painting.

She embroiders canvases in mathematical grids with smoothly laid out colour gradients created by hanging yarn, whereby the real image takes place in front of and below the inclined and raised canvas and is only completely presented there.

This tiered, geometrical arrangement of the sewn threads allows levels of interaction with the ambient light and breezes. It displays a naturally arising kinetic interplay between lightness and gravity, moving poetically to each breeze. A simultaneous effect of creation and dissolution.

The artist is concerned here with slipping away from the norms of classical painting and filling the free, negative space with gestures.

The works are inspired by chromatic abstraction, which makes comprehensive use of the canvas; at the same time, this formula is broken up by the three-dimensionality of the substructure and is put into a new contemporary context.

This hybrid effort, which blurs the distinctions between disciplines, is based on the history of geometrical abstract painting, sculpture of the late twentieth century and contemporary practices in installation.

Nike Schroeder

*1981, Deutschland, lebt und arbeitet in Los Angeles

Vita Nike Schroeder (PDF)


Walter Maciel Gallery, Culver City, CA

Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg



BA, Art Therapy/Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Ottersberg, Germany

Convex / Concave #11, # 12, 2014Viskose auf Leinwand

25 (ca. 110) × 51 × 14 cm

Nike Schroeder

Fragments #27, 2017

Viskose auf Leinwand

84 (L ca. 200) × 86 × 14 cm

Nike Schroeder

Fundamental reports

#02, # 07, # 10, # 16, 2012      Viskose auf Leinwand

27,5 × 22,5 × 3 cm

Nike Schroeder


Kalckreuthstraße 15

10777 Berlin

T +49 30 364 327 08