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Angelika Frommherz

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The starting point of their work is the materiality of colour and of the line. The works contained in abstract, reduced imagery create a three-dimensional image space or come to be the object.

In the colour work, it is essential that the colour can breathe and expand.

A charged relationship of finely graduated shades arises and, at the same time, a completely balanced total composition. Accumulations and layers of paint, paper, fabric and yarn create materiality, fullness, an increase of colour intensities and complex image structures.

The embroidered drawings, emanating from point and line, form organic shapes, airy or compressed weaves and structures. They are finished on both sides, the paper is pierced; the thread, coarse or fine, draws its lines, knots itself, breaks up and and reforms itself anew; front and rear are of equal value.

Angelika Frommherz

*1961, Sigmaringen, Deutschland, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin

Vita Angelika Frommherz (PDF)


Galerie Werner Wohlhüter, Leibertingen-Thalheim

Galerie Angela Reitz, Köln



Goldrausch VII, Förderung durch den Berliner Senat


Auslandsaufenthalt in Schweden


Diplom und Meisterschülerin

1986 – 1992

Studium für Malerei an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, München, bei Professor Jürgen Reipka

1980 – 1986

Erzieherin im Kreis Sigmaringen und Berlin

Andrea Frommherz

Jalousie, 2009

Acryl, Karton, Garn auf Papier

160 x 100 cm

Andrea Frommherz

Arabesk 2, 2017

Acryl, Papier, Karton

und Garn auf Papier

100 x 70 cm

Andrea Frommherz

Tagesblatt, 2014-2015


Acryl und Garn auf Papier

je 15,5 x 11,5 cm

(Rahmen 26 x 20 cm)


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